Over-the-Rainbow Series – Newborns


MiMi’s playful images are vividly rich in color and represent a Celebration of Life, New Beginnings, Hope and to always Believe.   The gallery was created in honor of her best friend Tessie Torres, who lost her life from ALS, a.k.a. Lou Gehrig’s, in celebration of her forever young spirit and undying hope of endless possibilities.  All images are her own — flowers were photographed in Hawaii, Florida and Arizona.  If you would like your newborn or child to be a part of this series, please contact her for more information.  Individual images are now available for purchase on a variety of mediums.

MiMi hopes you enjoy her gallery as much as she enjoys creating the images.

Candid, Story Book Themes, Tea Parties, Dress-up, Mermaids, Angels, Gone Fishing & more

Sleeping Newborns –   Such a special event & small window of time (5 -14 days old) to capture the innocence and magic of life’s precious miracle.  Please see FAQs on how to get the most out of your newborn session.   Babies are adorable and change so fast in the first month to one year.  Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to capture all the wonderful stages.

Newborn Over-the-Rainbow Series –  Angels, Fairies, & Mermaids, oh my!   Babies and children are digitally placed in colorful flowers, trees, mushrooms & more.  This creative process takes weeks to months to complete and are available in a variety of mediums such as fine art prints, iphone covers, gallery canvas, fine art metallic prints.  All images and backgrounds are original works copyrighted and available for purchase.  Ask MiMi for more details if you would like your baby or child to be a part of this wonderful series.  Models chosen will receive a digital media file for social network sharing.

Images are now available in a variety of mediums – Fine Art Metal Prints, iphone cases, and Gallery Canvas.   See Buy Prints or contact MiMi for more information.  (WATERMARKS ARE NOT ON FINAL IMAGES)

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