FAQS    –     Tips for Newborn Photo Session 

Babies are adorable and change so fast in the first month to one year.  Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment to capture all the wonderful stages of your little one by calling 480 809-7888.  

1. How soon should I have my newborn photographed?

The best time to capture sleeping newborns in those adorable womb-like positions is in the first 4-14 days old.   Your newborn becomes more active in 4 weeks and on, including stretching, eyes open, more facial expressions, and maybe even a smile. Capturing those moments are priceless.

2. How long does a photo session take?

A photo session usually takes anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, this depends on feeding and sleeping time and if your baby is comfortable.  Also, if you would like mommy and daddy, or other family members photographed, please allow more time for the session.

3. Should I bring any clothing or outfit for my Newborn?

Most of my images are taken with your newborn wearing it’s birthday suit.  Feel free to bring a tiny laced bottom or underwear.  I sometimes wrap newborns in a soft or cocoon shape blanket.  Depending on the size of your newborn, please feel free to bring up to three outfits and we can select one that works best.  Keep in mind that too loosely fitted clothing is not flattering to  your infant & changing often leads to a frustrated newborn difficult to photograph.

4. What other items would be helpful to bring to the session?

Patience and positive energy!  Your baby can feel a parent’s anxiety and may show frustration.  Pacifiers, extra diapers and formula, or bottles if you are not breastfeeding.  Any special blanket or toy that you may want included in the photo session.

5. What do you do to make sure the baby is comfortable?

I make sure the room feels very warm, usually around 80 degrees. If needed, I also have a space heater I keep nearby for your baby.  I usually have soft music or white noise playing to help your baby relax or fall asleep. When finding a great pose, I first let your baby decide and position itself where they feel most comfortable and never force a pose, then I work from there.

6. Do you use safety precautions during a session?

Your Baby’s safety comes first.  I never force a pose.  I let your baby find a comfortable position, then I work with that.  Some photographers try to pose newborns in unatural positions, however, many of these type poses are actually photoshopped.  I also do my best to keep everything germ free and clean by washing any clothing props, hair bows, and blankets between every session.

7. OMG!  What if my baby does pee pee or poo poo during the photo session!

As a parent you can count on a little bit of a mess, along with any clothes or blankets nearby.  I have baby wipes and hand towels for this reason.  It is a good idea to bring extra diapers, wipes, and, if you are posing with your newborn, to bring an extra change of clothing for yourself – just in case.

8. How are you different from other baby photographers?

Every photographer has a certain style and different levels of experience.  My priority is to make sure your baby is safe and comfortable.  I patiently wait for that perfect moment, often adding more time & worth the wait.   I offer timeless classic newborn images.  Each classic newborn package includes high quality digitally enhanced images on a disc with 4 x 6 prints and customized CD cover.

I take your baby or child’s image one step further and create an original playful digital keepsake that is available separately for purchase.  Because this creative process takes weeks to a month to complete, these colorful playful images are available in a variety of mediums such as iphone covers, prints, ready to hang gallery canvas or metallic prints, along with a social media digital file for sharing.  (All images are copyrighted and high quality digital files are not provided.)

9. What can I do, as a parent, to help make the photo session a success?

Stay calm and relax. Your baby can pick up your energy and may be anxious if you are.  When holding your newborn during the photo session, gently position your hands and fingers under it’s delicate body so it does not cover your newborn.  Don’t worry, I will help place your hands.

10. How far in advance do I need to schedule an appointment?

I usually book sessions 1-2 months in advance, however, please contact me for availability even if it’s a week’s notice.  Please book as soon as possible to make sure you take advantage of the short window your baby has for the sleepy time photos.  Please don’t hesitate to book after a month old and older to capture the many wonderful stages of your little one.

11. What happens if my baby does not arrive on it’s due date?

Please let me know as soon as possible so I can work your photo session in my schedule.

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